28ft Monterey Hull Damage Repair


28′ Monterey Hull Damage Repair

Mondo Marine Services can handle any hull repair job both large and small. In this example, you will see a hull repair job from start to finish on a 28′ Monterey boat. Click any photo for larger detail.

Mondo Marine was called out to a local boat storage facility in west Bradenton by a customer looking to get some minor gel coat work done to his 28’ Monterey that he had listed for sale. Upon arrival we were greeted by the broker and the owner and shown the area in question, after a quick look around it was evident that a deeper inspection was necessary.

Upon inspection of the hull damage it was discovered that the fiberglass for the deck had actually sustained major failure and was cracked all the way through.

The damaged fiberglass was ground back to reveal nice clean and structurally sound deck for the repair to bond to.

Once the new fiberglass was laid in we went back and did the body work with a fiber reinforced filler that is resistant to moisture and extremely strong.

After this filler is applied and the fairing is completed we can the spray the area with the computer matched gel coat to give a gel coat repair that is not visible.

Another fine hull repair job by Mondo marine Services and this boat is just like new, ready for its new life to a new owner.

If you have hull damage or structural issues in your boat or catamaran, Mondo Marine can help you anywhere in the Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa area and beyond. Call us with your hull repair questions today or use the “Contact Us” page above detailing your hull repair issues and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

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